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They bear our weight and ensure our smooth mobility. Our joints work a lot to keep us moving all the time. Our joints are strong enough naturally to work properly. But as time passes they may get weak if care is not given. So they are more prone to diseases and injury. Among all other joints in our body, the knee joint is used much frequently while sit, stand, bend, jump, etc. arthritis also mostly attacks the knee joint first. That’s why knee joints need much of your attention and care. Be nice to your joints.

Structure of a knee joint

The knee joint is the joinery point between the femur and tibia. The femur is a thigh bone while the tibia is a shin bone or lower leg bone. The knee joint has three compartments: patellofemoral articulation, tibiofemoral articulation, and patellar groove. A knee cap is a bony cap-like structure that covers a delicate part of our joint. This joint is a complex form of the hinge joint also considered a synovial joint.

Why do we need the knee injury doctor?

As mentioned earlier, the knee joint is the most used joint thus more susceptible to injury. A slight injury can deprive a patient of walking, running, sitting, and standing. In short knee injury limits your movement. So to prevent such a condition from getting worse an immediate examination of the knee joint is necessary. Only the orthopedic surgeon who specializes in knee injury can help patients to overcome the injury.

Proper diagnosis

Knee injury doctors in Lahore intelligently handle knee injury cases. They get the patient through certain examinations step by step before taking a decision. A knee injury doctor in Lahore sees whether it required surgery or can be treated with medicine and therapies.

Physical examination

When you reach the knee injury doctor in Lahore he immediately examines your knee physically. He looks out for swelling, pain, or any bruise on the knee. Then he makes your leg move in different directions to see how much it can move. With his hand, he pulls and pushes the joint to find whether the structure of the joint is alright or not.

Diagnosis through imaging tests

However, if the knee injury doctor feels that the case is serious. He prescribes imaging tests to get to know the depth of injury. Such imaging tests may include X-Ray, CT scan, MRI, or ultrasound.


Xray helps to see the internal joint structure. With X-ray reports, the doctor can examine fractured areas easily.

CT scan

It is called computerized tomography. This is much detailed imaging test. It’s a combination of X-rays taken from various angles. Ct scan helps to examine joint fracture more accurately than a simple X-ray.


MRI is magnetic resonance imaging that uses radio waves for creating 3D images of the joint from inside. It is so detailed that even damaged soft tissues like cartilage, muscles, tendons, and ligaments can be seen easily. so this helps knee injury doctors to understand the problem from the root.


Ultrasound as the name implies uses sound waves to get the images from inside of the knee joint. For a proper ultrasound doctor may move the knee joint in various positions to determine where the problem lies.

Lab tests for ensuring the growth of any infection

As the knee joint injured it may develop an infection that can be fatal in the future. For this doctor will recommend a laboratory test. Under this test, a specimen of liquid is taken from the knee joint in little amount. This specimen is submitted to the laboratory for tests.

The treatment part

Putting in front all the test reports the knee injury doctor began the treatment. His foremost try is to treat Injury with medicines. But if medicine doesn’t work he go for therapies and then surgery is the last option if things don’t work. The decision depends on the severity of the injured Joint Replacement Surgery In Pakistan.

Treatment through medicines

When treating through medicines knee injury doctors in  Lahore prescribe oral medicines. These may include antibiotics and painkillers.

Treatment through therapies

Keeping in view a patient’s pain around the injured part doctor can also suggest some exercises for strengthening muscles and ligaments around the joint. This is quite effective to soothe the muscles. Braces may also be used to limit the movement of the joint so it won't hurt.

Direct injecting medicine or substances to the joint

Doctors try hard to avoid surgery so for relieving pain and treatment of knee injury they can also prescribe injections. The injections like corticosteroids, platelet-rich plasma, or hyaluronic acid is injected directly into the joint. Corticosteroids help to relieve pain and lessen arthritis flare symptoms. Moreover, platelet-rich plasma helps to heal the wound quickly reducing inflammation. On the other hand, hyaluronic acid helps to move joints smoothly without hurting. This acid is similar to fluid found naturally in the knee joint that lubricates the joint.

Finally the surgery part

When all other treatments fail the last option left to the doctor is surgery. An orthopedic surgeon in Lahore specializes in a knee injuries. They provide the best and modern surgery methods to the patients.


This is the modern method with small incision made to the knee. a long wire-like tool with a small camera at the tip is inserted through a hole made on the knee. along with this, a long tool is also inserted. This method of surgery helps to remove bone debris if any. Also helps to repair damaged cartilage.

Partial or total knee replacement surgery

In a partial knee replacement, a small cut is made and only the damaged part is removed and replaced with metal or plastic parts. Whereas in total knee replacement surgery a long cut is made on the knee to replace the whole joint with an artificial joint made of metal or plastic components.


This surgical procedure includes the removal of the thigh bone or shin bone. The removed bone is then aligned with the knee joint. A very helpful method to reduce arthritis pain.


Now you see how much struggle a knee injury doctor in Lahore puts in to make your joints move better. Most people find these tests useless but they are very helpful in finding the problem and treating it from the root. So don’t hesitate, do as your doctor recommend because he knows his work and does it intelligently. 

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