Can I Regain Fat After Liposuction


Can fat return after liposuction? 

Liposuction—popular fat suction surgery. Still being doubtful of its results is natural. It’s beyond anyone’s control. Lipo patients mostly ask us: can I regain fat after liposuction? Indeed, the fear of fat coming back even after surgery is most depressing than anything. So for how long body remains in shape? Or will this one-time investment result everlasting?


Important Facts 

  • Liposuction surgery may be FDA-approved, but that doesn’t mean your fat will disappear forever.
  • Treated fat is dead but new fatty tissues can still grow.
  • The most sculpted results are seen within the first three months of surgery.
  • The body shape won’t change if you preserve a healthy routine.


About Liposuction 

Liposuction Surgery in Dubai is fat-suction surgery performed with a cannula. A very small incision is made for cannula insertion and further fat removal. Noting that liposuction is advised for long-term fat reduction, still fat can come. Putting excess weight on after surgery could be a patient’s absurdity.


Will the fat come back after liposuction? 

In some means, it’s possible to gain fat after liposuction. Researchers conclude that fat returns on untreated areas within one year. All it depends upon your eating habits and consistency towards physical activities.


Liposuction is reported permanent fat-reduction surgery, but only if you control your weight. Lasting body improvements only persist upon changing eating habits.  

Whether you blame it on the surgeon’s skills, but post-care stands out as prevalent in the preservation of surgery results. The nutrients or fat melting injections you intake in your body can lead to weight gain. If you don’t have any plan to change your eating habits, your body won’t be going to change at all.


Liposuction results aren’t instant

Don’t expect a sexily sculpted body straight after surgery. There would be swelling which won’t let you notice the optimum results. Depending upon the quantity of fat removed, you can expect to see final results between 1-3 months.

During the first month, you notice mild fat reduction which gets improve with every passing day. However, improved waistline or perhaps no more bulging parts—this surgery would bring a dramatic change in your life.


Where do patients gain fat after liposuction? 

Fat is accumulated in areas that aren’t treated with liposuction. If hips, buttocks, or abdomen is treated, there is less chance to perceive fat in these areas, rest you can expect fat on the neck, upper arms, or perhaps breasts.  


Which is better Liposuction or fat-melting injections?

Experts say, never to seek quick fixes when it comes to your beauty. Injectables do work but their outcomes aren’t as appreciating as surgeries. 

Prefer giving yourself a try with the least possible treatment. If the idea of liposuction surgery freaks you out start with injectables and then surely you could come upon liposuction. Uncertain realities of both procedures are simply unknown until you experience them by yourself. 


The risks of liposuctions 

The most usual and highly concerned query of every person: What are the risks of liposuction? Know that, there are no such major medical risks reported. One of the things people most notice is bleeding, infection, or perhaps undesired results. Nothing more than that.

Temporary side effects include numbness, swelling and bruising. You need to follow all aftercare instructions for the speedy recovery and appreciating results.



Considering Liposuction, but worried about fat coming back? Cosmetic surgeons can help. Despite being indulged in only physical activities, they can help guide you to preserve liposuction results forever. Secret tips on maintaining sculpted figures are informed by them. By following those instructions you can expect permanent results.  

Be aware, fat only come back if you eat foolishly. Limit your eating habits however you can have a cheat meal once a week. It’s helpful to do enough walk, especially after dinner.


This post is just intended to promote general understanding. Personal recommendations are only given by cosmetic surgeons.—I hope the information in this article helped you in finding the answer to: can I regain fat after liposuction. Still, for further information, reach the nearest cosmetic surgery clinic. 

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