How to Maintain Your hCG Weight Loss


You’ve probably heard about it by now: the HCG Diet, a very popular diet plan that is associated with dramatic weight loss. The hCG weight loss protocol consists of consuming a restricted number of calories of 500-1000 per day accompanied by treatments of hCG hormone, either pellets or injections to promote weight loss. 

So, the most pressing questions are: Can you maintain that weight loss for the long term? The answer is yes. The hCG diet can modify the dieter’s relationship with food and eating, resulting in easily maintained, long-term weight loss. Genericisland Pharmacy will assist you to lose weight using Human Chorionic Gonadotropin(HCG).  

How does the hCG Diet work for weight loss?

HCG injections HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a protein-based hormone produced in the placenta by women during pregnancy. It allows the body to mobilize fat and rapidly converts it to energy for both mother and fetus.

In the hCG diet for weight loss, this action is especially important. Studies have shown that when the hCG hormone is injected into the body, it can cause your hypothalamus to mobilize the abnormally stored fat out of the fat storage locations so that it’s available for the body to use. While you are only consuming 500 calories, your hypothalamus is continually releasing the fat stored in your body, around 2000-3000 calories, as the main energy source for your body to get through a day without feeling hungry. Don't think too much, come on, click on this link and buy HCG injection.

Because of this, the weight loss comes directly from adipose (fat) tissue rather than lean muscle and water. It also does not strip your body of many vitamins or minerals essential to maintain good health. For this reason, hCG dieters lose a half-pound to a pound per day. Finally, hCG resets your hypothalamus so you don’t gain weight in the future. 

The hCG hormone, although produced in the placenta, is safe for use in men, too. In fact, studies have shown that hCG supports optimal testosterone levels as it mimics luteinizing hormone to prevent muscle wasting, a late sign of low testosterone level.3

Nowadays, more and more bodybuilders and athletes are using hCG injections as a supplement because of their potential for cutting undesirable fat while keeping lean muscle.4

Maintaining your hCG Weight Loss

Maintain HCG weight loss congratulations on finishing your hCG round and reaching your goal weight! Without a doubt, losing weight was a giant step. But you don’t do all this dieting just to gain the weight back, right? That is why you must follow the maintenance phase rules of the hCG diet to keep the weight off long term. 

The Maintenance Phase is the most important period of the hCG diet as it will reset your hypothalamus and your body to stabilize at your new weIght while introducing more calories. Although there is a lot more freedom when it comes to food now compared to the strict weight loss phase of the hCG diet, you can’t just completely lose control as you still have a goal to reach, that is, maintaining the same weight or at least stay within 2lbs of your last injection weight. This is the weight that you use as a basis for your maintenance phase. 

The Maintenance Phase is an eating plan that begins 72 hours after your last day of hCG injection and lasts for three weeks and follows a few simple guidelines: 

You can eat normally and work your way up to about 800 – 1200 calories a day. Remember to avoid all starches and sugars for the first three weeks.

Continue to drink lots of water.

It is extremely important to eat plenty of protein during this period.

Weigh yourself daily as it takes about three weeks before the weight reached at the end of the weight-loss phase becomes stable.

While in your maintenance phase you can also incorporate Ultra Lipotropic 10 or B12 (Methylcobalamin) injections to boost your metabolism and energy level.5 You can review all about the lipotropic injections here. We even have a discounted Maintenance Pack with our Ultra Lipotropic 10 and our Slim Down appetite suppressants.

Start Your HCG Injections Now!

HCG injectionsSet yourself up for success by starting your hCG diet from The HCG Institute today! We will not only help you lose that excess weight faster but we can also boost your chances of keeping that weight off long-term with our unique and customized hCG diet protocol.

To get started, simply create your patient profile and complete the hCG Medical Intake Form on our Start Now page. Our experienced patient care coordinators will get in touch with you as soon as possible to walk you through getting started with your weight loss journey. You can also contact us at 877.228.2158 to discuss which plan is best suited for you.

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