Dentures: Best Treatment to Restore Missing Teeth

Oral functionality and facial aesthetics depend on the health and shape of your dental system. If you have lost one or more teeth due to one reason or the other, your dentist can help regain a fully functional dental system with dentures. Missing tooth not only affects your appearance but speech, eating, and of course, the confidence to smile freely. You can find several highly trained and experienced dentists in Aveley and Ellenbrook, who could help you get natural-looking and durable artificial teeth at very affordable rates.   


What Are Dentures?

If you are not restoring the missing tooth in time it could result in facial sagging over time. Dentures, technically artificial teeth made of acrylic, nylon, or metal, are custom-designed to replace a missing tooth. Depending on your specific need, your dentist in Ellenbrook and Aveley will recommend either full or partial dentures to restore oral functionalities. Aesthetic improvisation apart, a denture-custom designed in the laboratory according to unique specifications, is considered an easier, simple, and cost-effective alternative to the dental implant procedure. The suitability of treatments depends on individual cases, so discuss all possible treatment alternatives with your doctor before opting for dentures.   


How Are Dentures Made?

Restoring a missing tooth, that too with perfection requires a thorough understanding of the dental structure and artistic execution. If you are looking for a highly experienced dentist in Aveley or Ellenbrook, you should look for a specially trained prosthodontist. Here are the procedural details to help prepare well before the treatment begins at the dental clinic. 

  • Following examination of your dental system and discussing all possible treatment options, your dentist will take a series of impressions or mold of the oral tissues. 
  • Your dentist will take all possible measurements required for custom-designing dentures in a highly advanced laboratory.  
  • Models, wax forms or plastic patterns are created to ensure perfect fitting according to available oral space. 
  • Your dentist might call you 4-5 times before the final denture is cast. 
  • Once ready, a specialist prosthodontist will fit in the affected area and make adjustments, if required. 


Pros and Cons of Dentures

People lose teeth due to one reason or the other, but one cannot leave the space void as it will affect oral functionalities. Thankfully, you have several teeth restoration treatment options, and dentures are one of them with several advantages over others.  

Pros of Dentures

  • Dentures are as good as dental implants but less expensive. 
  • A dental implant procedure is invasive and takes time to heal, but denture fitting is non-invasive, so you are free of the worry of infection and related complications. 
  • Dentures are a good option to start, even if you ultimately want to go for dental implants. 
  • On comfort and convenience parameter, it rates higher
  • Well-fitted dentures could easily last for decades, with minimum maintenance headache 
  • It could be easily modified if you lose additional teeth 

Cons of Dentures

  • Just like any external foreign object in oral space, it can also cause some discomfort in the early days
  • It is a good tooth restoration option, but not as stable as the dental implants.
  • Some people find denture cleaning challenging 
  • If not fitted well it could slip while speaking 
  • You have to remove it before you go to bed and avoid eating a sticky food item
  • It is less durable than implants, but still lasts over a decade with normal maintenance



Dentists recommend dentures as the first teeth restoration treatment, not just because it costs less but patients get accustomed to false teeth. However, the cost of denture could vary significantly based on the type and material of the denture, so you should better discuss all possible aspects with your dentists in Aveley. You can always go for dental implants for better fitting and stability, so ask your dentist in Ellenbrook about possible options. 

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