How to Remove Pimples the Pope


Pimples on the pope is just irritating. Your daily life will be highly disturbed if something like that happens. Some of the highly irritating body issues are: pimples on the pope, anal skin tag, etc. You can get rid of pimples on the pope in just a few days.

Acne on the bottom causes discomfort and discomfort, and during the beach, the season can cause complexes and embarrassment to undress. They usually appear in the summer, when it's hot outside, and sweat and dust contribute to the multiplication of bacteria in the spiciest place. And also this acne occurs in winter if you wear underwear made of low-quality, synthetic materials that do not allow the skin to breathe and ventilate.

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You can get rid of pimples on the pope in just a few days. The most important thing for this is not to squeeze them out, not comb them, and try to touch them as little as possible, especially with dirty hands.

Take a warm - but not hot - sea salt bath. The reception time should be between ten and twenty minutes. If you don't want to take a whole bath, put three tablespoons of sea salt in a bowl and sit in it for ten minutes. Thanks to the bath on the bottom, the dead epithelium will steam away, under which bacteria are located and form pimples.

After that, take a light scrub and gently scrub the skin of your buttocks to remove the layer of dead skin and prevent the formation of new pimples. You can use any non-coarse face or even body scrub. As a last resort, make your own. To do this, mix baking soda and fine salt or sugar with shower gel or liquid soap.

Apply a blue clay mask to your butt. Leave it on for fifteen minutes. Then rinse your skin thoroughly to remove any remaining clay. 

Please note that the clay should only be applied after the skin has been steamed in the bath and cleaned with a scrub. If this is not done, there will be almost no effect.

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Clay nourishes and nourishes the skin well, but at the same time dries it out and also pulls impurities out of the pores.

Then, treat your skin with salicylic acid lotion and apply an antibacterial cream. For this, even a regular cream for problem skin is suitable.

If you get pimples on your bottom every summer or winter, do this set of procedures regularly. 

If this is the first time you have pimples on your buttocks, they persist, and you do not know the cause of their occurrence, consult a dermatologist. These inflammations can be a symptom of internal disorders and serious infectious diseases.

And don't forget about prevention. When showering, use a mild shower gel rather than harsh bar soap, which will dry out your skin. After the shower, moisturize the skin on the buttocks with a light cream - it should not be very oily and nutritious.

Avoid synthetic underwear that prevents your skin from breathing and airing. Choose panties made of cotton or silk.

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