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Vidyut Jamwal was conceived on December 10, 1980 in Jammu, India. He is an outstanding Bollywood on-screen character, model and military craftsman. He made his Bollywood make a big appearance with activity motion picture "Compel" acting close by John Abraham and earned his first Film-fare Award for Best Male Debut for his strong execution in the film.

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Vidyut is energetic about wellness and likes to do his tricks himself without the utilization of links and body pairs. He's honing kalaripayattu (an Indian hand to hand fighting structure) since he was 3 years of age and Vidyut Jamwal's exercise routine is a blend of acrobatic and combative technique. He is the cutting edge activity legend of Bollywood and is good to go to stop people in their tracks again with his incredible body and activity in his up and coming film "Shot Raja". Along these lines, we should get to the subtle elements of Vidyut Jamwal's exercise routine and his eating regimen arrange.

Vidyut Jamwal Physical Stats 

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Vidyut Jamwal Height: 5' 11" 

Vidyut Jamwal Weight: 158 lbs 

Vidyut Jamwal Diet Plan

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Vidyut Jamwal is a no-nonsense vegan and an impassioned supporter of PETA. He doesn't have confidence in consuming less calories and eats six little suppers for the duration of the day. Vidyut Jamwal eat less standard is as per the following; 
  • A bowl of muesli before hitting the rec center 
  • Idlis for breakfast. 
  • Dal, veggies and roti for lunch
  • His night nibble is one plate upma
  • For supper he lean towards a few veggies and roti 
He additionally eats a great deal of occasional natural products. Vidyut take a protein shake after every exercise session and depend on tofu for his protein consumption.

Vidyut Jamwal Workout Routine

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Vidyut Jamwal exercises ordinary from 6 am to 11 am in the morning and from 5 pm to 9 pm at night and enjoys reprieve just on days when he feels his body needs rest. Vidyut Jamwal's exercise regimen more often than not contain 5 days hand to hand fighting preparing and 2 days of weight preparing. Vidyut does not invest much energy in rec center and just goes there for quality preparing. Here is Vidyut Jamwal's 4 days exercise center exercise schedule.

Monday-Back and Biceps 

three sets of cable row of 5-6 reps 

2 sets of T-bar column of 12-15 reps 

3 sets of EZ-bar twists of 8-10 reps 

3 sets of sledge twists of 8-10 reps with each arm 

2 sets of invert barbell twists of 12-15 reps 

3 sets of button ups of 8-10 reps 

Tuesday-Chest and Triceps 

3 sets of barbell seat press of 4-6 reps 

3 sets of grade seat press of 4-8 reps 

3 sets of rope push-downs of 10 reps 

2 sets of link flyes of 13 reps 

3 sets of skull crushers of 8-10 reps 

2 sets of triceps kickbacks of 12-15 reps 


20 minutes keep running on treadmill 

2 sets of dumbbell lurches of 8 reps with every leg 

2 sets of dumbbell switch rushes of 8 reps with every leg 

3 sets of firm leg deadlifts of 8-10 reps 


2 sets of shrugs of 12-13 reps 

2 sets of dumbbell side horizontal raise of 10 reps with each arm 

2 sets of dumbbell front horizontal raise of 10 reps with each arm 

3 sets of situated dumbbell press of 6-8 reps 

3 sets of upright column of 6-8 reps

Vidyut Jamwal Workout Tips 

  1. Take after your exercise routine to lead a solid and fit life as opposed to taking it as a pattern to get muscles. 
  2. Eat a sound and adjusted eating routine 
  3. Get any physical action like swimming, badminton, running and so on that you like and tail it religiously and it will ensure you remain fit.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Vidyut Jamwal 

  • Does Vidyut Jamwal Smoke?: No 
  • Does Vidyut Jamwal Drink Alcohol?: No 
  • Vidyut was naturally introduced to a family from an armed force foundation, henceforth he voyaged and experienced all over India because of his dad's general exchanges. 
  • His mom was a previous Miss Jammu and Kashmir. 
  • He began his hand to hand fighting (Kalaripayattu) preparing at 3 years old when he used to live in an ashram in Palakkad, Kerala till he was 13. He has taken an interest in various hand to hand fighting rivalries crosswise over 30 nations. 
  • His dad passed away when he was a kid. 
  • He came to Mumbai to exhibit hand to hand fighting at a more noteworthy stage, yet fortunately he came to think about the tryouts continuing for Nishikant Kamath's Force (2011) – a revamp of Tamil film Kaakha (2003), where he went and got chose. 
  • He won the honor "Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut" for his part in the motion picture Force. 
  • He has started a course in which he shows young ladies how to guard themselves.
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