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Conceived in Amritsar, Punjab on September 9, 1967 Akshay Kumar (original name Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia) is a main Bollywood on-screen character. Likewise alluded as Khiladi Kumar by media, Akshay is one of the independent whizzes of Bollywood. He has showed up in more than 127 motion pictures and has won many honors including Filmfare.
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Akshay Kumar was a wellness crack even before he joined Bollywood. He got into combative technique at an exceptionally youthful age. In the wake of getting a dark belt in Taekwondo in India, he went to Bangkok, Thailand and concentrated hand to hand fighting and Muay Thai while acting as gourmet specialist and server. He made his acting presentation in 1991 with "Saugandh" and soon turn into a hotshot with the achievement of "Mohra" and "Primary Khiladi Tu Anari". He additionally plays out his tricks himself. His most recent motion pictures "Supervisor" is loaded with mind blowing stunts from Akshay and a body to post for! So here we are with Akshay Kumar exercise for Boss motion picture and Akshay Kumar consume less calories get ready for remaining fit.

Indeed, even at 46, Akshay Kumar still has super conditioned body. He has been a wellness icon for youth from quite a while. Akshay constantly kept up that he treats his body like a sanctuary and despite the fact that the combative technique and experience sports aficionado doesn't hit the rec center consistently, he follows a tremendously taught way of life and adheres to some straightforward mandates with regards to work out.

Akshay Kumar Physical Stats 

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  • Akshay Kumar Height: 6′ 1″
  • Akshay Kumar Weight: 176 lbs

 Akshay Kumar Diet Plan

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Akshay Kumar doesn't trust in eating less carbs to remain fit and weights on eating an adjusted eating routine. He prefers home cooked nourishment and trusts that home cooked sustenance helps in keep up his solid body. Akshay Kumar'seating regimen Includes-
  • A sound breakfast comprising Parathas and a glass of drain 
  • A bowl of natural products at twelve
  • Dal, veggies, roti and chicken with a bowl of curd for lunch.
  • A glass of new natural product juice without sugar at night.
  • Supper is typically light containing soup, serving of mixed greens and veggies. He generally eats before 8 pm.
  • He generally eats home cooked sustenance and never takes any supplements.

Akshay Kumar Workout Routine

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 Akshay Kumar is one of the busiest stars in Bollywood and doesn't have much time to hit the exercise center. Akshay Kumar exercise routine is an exceptionally straightforward exercise schedule, He takes after these basic strides to remain fit:
  • Gets up at 4:30 am for 60 minutes in length stroll on shoreline to warm up 
  • One hour of combative technique exchanging between kick-boxing and shadow boxing and in the event that he is shooting on (It helps in remaining physically fit).
  • Some extending practices alongside yoga
  • Contemplation for 60 minutes (Helps in keeping up internal adjust and expels push). 
  • Swimming.  
Aside from these he likewise plays ball at any rate thrice a week and goes on customary trekking to keep his stamina up. He continues blending different exercise schedules so that his routine does not get tedious.

Additionally when Akshay is shooting and doesn't have sufficient energy to give to hand to hand fighting he lean towards climbing a staircase. When he was shooting for "Singh is King" in Singapore he used to climb 74 stories. He even has a fake tree in his exercise center which he climbs consistently.

Akshay Kumar Workout Tips & Tricks

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Rather than relying upon a rec center to assemble a strong body, figure out how to practice in any conceivable route concentrating on center reinforcing of your body.
Never treat your wounds delicately. Either rest or visit a specialist, don't manage them all alone.  
Attempt and complete your last dinner of the day no less than two hours before sleep time.  
Take after a taught life. 
Continue blending different exercise schedules with the goal that you don't get exhausted.    
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