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Virat Kohli’s Diet Plan 

  • Unlike other celebrities, there is no specific diet that Virat is seen following. His breakfast, lunch and dinner consist of almost the same things that the ordinary people eat. He is addicted to home cooked meals and is an extremely foodie person. You would often catch him eating lamb-chops and salmon in different locations known for their non-vegetarian food.
  • He has openly declared that he can’t resist food. No matter where he goes, he loves eating and tasting new cuisines. But there is something that he says – avoid junk food that has more of saturated fats. For an instance, if you like fried chips, have wheat crackers to meet your cravings for something crispy and to munch on something between your meals.
  • Commonly, his diet has a lot of protein, which helps him build the muscles that he needs to increase his stamina and hit the spinning ball from the bat in his hands.
  • To your surprise, the most important part of this cricketer’s diet is mineral water. He says that he drinks a lot of water to avoid minor to moderate diseases or illnesses. He is generally seen drinking a lot of water when he is on tours.

Virat Kohli’s Workout Routine

The best thing about Virat is that he eats all that he wants to, but doesn’t skip his regular workouts at the gym. He hits the gym at least five days a week, despite his hectic schedule. Unless he is on a tour or is busy playing or practicing cricket, he makes sure that he goes to gym or works out at least for two hours at home.

His workout pattern includes a wide combination of weights as well as cardio exercises. While the weights allow him to have a larger body, the cardio exercises boost up his stamina for him. This combination has helped him develop muscles in the most appropriate manner, thanks to which he has such a remarkable body at present.


Eating Tips

Virat follows it too. So he has given some tips on eating in the right amounts and from the right sources. Have a look:

  • Eat well: Virat doesn’t seem to believe that eating less food is good for your body. Rather he emphasizes on eating freshly cooked meals to your heart’s content. He is a fan of home cooked meals and suggests everyone to avoid eating out when you can easily cook at home.
  • His favorite dishes: Virat seems to be a fan of fish and lamb chops. He probably cannot resist trying it out, when he is on a tour and has to eat in restaurants or hotels. It’s a pretty cool option as it’s filled with protein (the building blocks of our muscles) and contains fewer amounts of fats.
  • Mineral water: He also seems to be addicted to drinking only the purest form of water, i.e., mineral water. He has been seen drinking only mineral water on the tours which adds in to the fact that he is very serious about what he consumes. After all, water borne diseases can hit you up pretty badly. Don’t you agree?
  • Avoid Junk Food: Virat also seems to be the fan of the “avoid junk food” propaganda as he has been seen consuming organic wheat crackers over fried chips. It’s a pretty good choice as all those fried chips may seem delicious but can harm your body in more ways than you can imagine.

How to be fit?

Moving on, let’s have a look at the “key tips” given by Kohli to keep our body fit.
  • Self control in eating right: As mentioned before, Kohli keeps a close watch on what he eats, every time he opens his mouth. You should do it too. Indulging in a little candy or ice-cream may seem like a little slip but it can totally ruin your fitness goals. So exercising self control in what you eat on a constant basis is the first step towards achieving your fitness goals.
  • Hit the gym five days a week: If you have got a membership of a gym or started a gym in a spare room then don’t let it go to waste. Virat hits the gym at least 5 times a week and you should try it too. If you don’t have ample amount of time, then an hour for 5 days a week would be more than enough (you can even divide it further by hitting the gym half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening session).
  • Do a combination of cardio and weights: Kohli also seems focused enough to try on core exercises like cardio and heavy weights. These exercises would surely help you develop your muscles in a precise manner and you’ll have an impressive body within a few months.

How it helps?

Apart from the obvious benefit i.e. making you look great, all these fitness tips would help you in the following manner.
  • Increased Focus: These tips would help you to increase your focus level. You would be able to perform better in your personal and professional life as you would get to focus on your goal with a lot of intensity which makes it easier to achieve the goal. Have you noticed that every cricketer needs to keep his focus sharp at every second of the game? Imagine having that much focus within yourself.
  • Extra Stamina: All these tips would help you to build your stamina too. A well developed stamina level would help you fight off any injuries or recover from an attack quickly. You would also have more energy throughout the day and would rarely feel tired. Most sports players have a lot of injuries on the field. How do they get over it so quickly? Well, the answer is excellent stamina. Players also have to remain at field for hours at once. How do they don’t get ill? Yes, its stamina again.
  • Improved Immunity: Lastly, all the above mentioned tips would help you to keep your body and mind fit. You would not get prone to any of the diseases easily. You would also get rid of illnesses within a few days rather than living on medications.
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