You can build up your perfect buttocks With these tips. Do not forget to see the results in less time and these tips will be much more effective But to get result you must have a proper diet.

Below are some TIPS that you should follow:

  1. Train your gluteus three times a week 

                                   The gluteal use every day, often adapt well, the more often you train, they respond better to grow in size and strength, instead of just a workout buttocks week, added butt exercises all your workouts to train three times a week.  

     2. Perform exercises abductors

                                   Your hips can also be moved in flexion, external and internal rotation, adduction, and abduction, along with the hip extension, another important element of the strength of the buttocks is the hip abduction or what is the same move thighs out of its midline.

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   3. Vary the hip extension exercises

 The hip extension is important for the stability of the pelvis and daily mobility: 
  • Walk
  • Run
  • Stand
  • Seated
The correct position of these daily activities begins and ends in your buttocks, people spend most of their time with hip flexion (sitting). This often causes the quadriceps muscles are tight and weak.

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   4. Keep your buttocks active

If most of the time you are sitting your butt will become weaker and weaker. This weakness can be compounded when other muscles take over some movements in order to compensate for this weakness.
Prevent your buttocks weaken doing a series of exercises activation and mobility of 10 to 20 minutes a day makes active breaks. The practice of activating the glutes will help you work them hard during training.
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